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Because we specialize in buying collectible HO scale trains with a focus on brass models, we do not purchase toy trains by manufacturers such as Tyco & Life-Like.

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  • Your best strategy to receive full market value.
  • You choose where, when, and how to sell.
  • You set the price you want.


  • High selling fees & hidden costs on platforms like eBay (psst…did you know you’ll pay fees on the sales tax eBay collects at the time of the sale?)
  • May take a long time, depending on the size of your collection & current market demand
  • Hassles like returns and underestimating shipping costs can cut into your profits

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If it were that easy to sell your train collection yourself, you would have tried it already.

  • Get your collection sold fast & be done.
  • No guesswork over how to sell your trains.
  • Agree on a price, ship & get paid. Simple.


  • You don’t set the price.
  • You’ll receive a percentage of fair market value – not 100%.
  • Shipping is free thanks to our pre-paid labels, but you still have to carefully pack all your items so they arrive to us safely.